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My Health Journey

My health journey began several years ago when I began having several health issues. I had a slow metabolism, chronic allergies, felt extremely sluggish & tired, and had difficulty losing weight. A lot of things kept recurring or stayed more of the same.


I’ve always believed that God has put some incredible resources on this planet for us to use; but, I really did not know what to look for or how to go about incorporating these techniques.


A seed was planted about ten years ago, when someone told their testimony about looking for every resource to try when they were ill. I became intrigued with their story that when they implemented herbs, supplements, spices, and organic foods to their current regimen, things began to turn around for them. So, I began on my journey to improve  my health and tried new things, but I did not always stay the course.


So, a few years later, I had a severe flare up with allergies, digestion issues, and increased fatigue. Not only did I want to know how to stop this but wondered why this was occurring? I sought treatment but felt that my concerns were not being fully addressed.


After research, I began to implement more natural methods and felt so much better. I knew that I was onto something!! Little did I know that by having a seed planted earlier on would help me with the things that were to come in my future!


My A-ha moment came when a colleague of mine was looking into a program that delved into looking as nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve one’s overall wellness. I felt that this was not a coincidence. She explained that everything that she learned ignited a passion in her and complemented what she was doing already professionally.


Fast forward, not too long after having a conversation with her, probably weeks later did I heard about this documentary that everyone was talking about on the radio and online. The documentary talked about the benefits of eating healthy and juicing. After watching the documentary, I had an epiphany, I realized that I am on the right path!!!! I realized that there are other resources to assist people with making healthier eating & lifestyle choices. I realized that not only did I have a passion for learning and seeking awareness but for helping people!

So, I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and came to the conclusion that if I made certain lifestyle and dietary changes such as using whole foods, herbs, essential oils, exercise, meditation, my overall health and wellness would improve to a more optimal level. Most importantly, I learned that you must have a positive mindset, treat your body as sacred, and have an attitude of gratitude. If you practice this on a daily basis, you will achieve lasting results!


While I was going through the health coaching program, I was still having difficulty with losing weight and feeling very fatigued. I learned a lot of different dietary theories but I was trying to figure out which one would work for me.  I listened to a lecture from a physician about gluten sensitivity and its effect with other hormonal imbalances.  The symptoms were similar to what I was experiencing. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in my head!  So, I discussed this discovery with my physician and decided to try this gluten free lifestyle. I incorporated this regimen and lost over 25 pounds! I am still committed to this lifestyle a year later! I feel more energetic, have an improved mindset and feel that my life is more balanced after I’ve made these lifestyle changes.

YOU, too can desire a life that is rewarding, satisfying, and full of gratitude!  Sometimes you need guidance on how to achieve long lasting changes. So, what will be YOUR NEXT STEP?


What  I Can Do For You

I work with people who are looking for different methods to achieve a healthy & balanced lifestyle which may include but not limited to: losing weight, eating healthier foods, enhancing relationships, & improving self-care. I coach individuals and empower them with tools to help gain clarity, increase intuition, & discover new ways to improve their well being! My approach is to encompass the mind, body & spirit to achieve goals in these areas.


If you are looking for a new perspective and would like to view your health with a different mindset, then I invite you to a complimentary Self Discovery session with me to discuss your questions and goals! Wishing you many blessings, health & happiness!


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An Empowered Mind. A Healthy Body. A Balanced Life.


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