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Are you looking for a program where you want to do it yourself or go at your own pace? Take a look at one of our self-guided programs to see if it will fit your needs! The self-guided programs are pre-designed with a short time frame to complete. You can purchase and start the self guided programs at any time; however, if you want to have group support there will be private Facebook groups setup to help those who want to participate at the same time and hold one another accountable. Just check the events calendar for dates & times.

The Natural Living 10 Day Program is designed for physical cleansing, positive thinking,and spiritual strength from a Christian perspective. Shrink & Shred 30 Day Fitness challenge is a fun fitness challenge where you can lose weight, learn about healthy foods, & implement exercise to achieve your goals; & the 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge provides delicious recipes to implement with a current eating regimen! If you are looking to improve your well being then look no further! Sign up today for improved health & wellness!




Are you frustrated with counting calories, carbs, fats, and proteins? Or constantly weighing yourself on a scale? Are you looking for answers to your problems? Consider partnering with a health & wellness coach to develop an action plan that will help you experience a more fulfilled, fun and rewarding life! A health & wellness coach will work with you one on one to customize a program that will fit your own needs and circumstances. Your customized program will be approached from a perspective that an individual is responsible for his/her choices and will be held accountable to achieve his/her own goals. Read further to learn more!





Have you ever gone to a health food store or a farmer’s market and became completely overwhelmed? Do you need help in reading labels for questionable ingredients or not quite sure how an ANDI score can assist you with selecting the best nutrient dense foods? Come with me on a Grocery Store tour! Together, we can find delicious & nutritious food that will help fit your lifestyle, budget, & dietary needs. If you are looking for recipes or healthy tips that can save you time and money, contact me today to set up an appointment for a tour!


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